The Yoko Professional Rim is the first and most original quality wheels.
Trusted from rider since more than 30 years 
YOKO PROFEESIONAL , YOKO EXCELLENCT , YOKO SUPER 7 MX-MT Premium Wheels rim ทนทาน แข็งแกร่ง หลากหลายแบบรองรับทุกการขับขี่

 BANZAI Wheel rim.  We produce wheels at budget prices that can be reached.
All of our wheels  We design and manufacture according to International standard.

 WESTLAKE Motorcycle tyres
Good tyeres quality .the tyres supports the weight standard as well
Many Pattern for rider use multi service
On road ,Motocross,endoro


BUSHIDO inner tube, motorcycle inner tube
Rim 14 / Rim 17 Wholesale and retail price - whole sack
natural rubber, thick, sticky
Inner tubes with excellent value for money. Made from 100% para rubber mixed with substances that help bind rubber molecules. This makes the rubber texture highly flexible, expands well, does not leak easily. Rubber pump with 2 layers of rubber texture
Anti-tearing The cap is made of brass to prevent rust. when exposed to moisture.


Yoko spokes, good quality, durable, various colors, use high quality carbon steel material. Coating and chrome plating Anti-rust and beautiful or can choose other finishes to meet various needs.

NHK helmets are cool, confident and safe for every ride.
with international standards ECE and TIS standards for full-face helmets and open face
Cool, modern design, comes with a rainbow/clear/smoke shield

GPR, unrivaled power from the track
Increase maximum performance for the car. Add Active substances to help protect the engine inside under high temperatures.
Molecular adhesion to the engine. Continuous lubrication
with oil film reduces wear and prolong service life
Suitable for all 4-stroke motorcycles. the whole injection system and carburetor

GTZ5 battery, new battery, powerful, durable

MUTEKI chain sprocket set
Strong, durable, ISO 9001 standard
A worn out sprocket can easily be noticed by looking at the spokes. or teeth that start to sharpen or stubbornly caused by the strong force causing the chain to yank, causing the chain to eat the meat continuously until it comes out as seen When this happens, it should be changed as soon as possible.  


Disc brake pads and drum brake pads, DRIFT brand, stop the car confidently. Provides soft braking, cooling and water well. manufacturer from Thailand ISO standard quality


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